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Wherever you are in the World. Henrik is on a mission to improve work-life balance.

  • Are you focusing on improved work-life balance for your organization?

  • Is your organization overwhelmed by too many emails and too many meetings?

  • Does your organization and you lack time for important, strategic work?

Henrik believes the turning point of an improved work-life balance is starting by implementing the concept of GETTING ORGANIZED by focusing on a more effective and efficient email-, task management.

Prioritization is key.

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1. “GET ORGANIZED – gain 30 minutes daily through more efficient and efficient email-, task management”.

A 45-minute inspirational speach to GET ORGANIZED. Includes “tips and tricks” to get started on the journey towards improved work-life balance using the concept of GET ORGANIZED. Free training material will be distributed to everybody. Optional access to the training platform on is possible.


2. “How do I move from Zone Red to Zone Green?”

A 90-minute deep dive into work-life balance using the GET ORGANIZED principles.

A discussion of how you run the day instead of letting the day run you.

The speech includes a poll prior to the speak to measure the present level of work-life balance. During the session concrete guidelines, tips and tricks to improve email- task- meeting management and overall prioritization will be given.

During the session initial set-up of the system will be initiated and and easy-to-use and implement reference material including video training material will be distributed to everybody


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This is Henrik.

Henrik has worked as an Efficiency Trainer since 2010 and has successfully trained more than 600 associates at top management level from all over the World.

His passion is training you to make you efficient and effective – personally and in teams – so you have more time to do what you are passionate about.

He inspires you and your team to he has worked as an Efficiency Trainer since 2010 and has successfully trained more than 600 associates at top management level from all over the World.

  • Spandet and Partners

    “Finally, I'm in control of my day, it's amazing and such a great feeling. I can highly recommend, 'getting organized' with Henrik.
    It's great to be able to prioritize and not work randomly
    I'm thankful - since 30 years my tasks were successfully kept in my mind, however I am certain being more organized will save me time.”

    Senior Director Innovation at CP Kelco

  • Spandet and Partners

    “There has been a real step-change in my and others productivity and ability to get a grip on things over the last 8 weeks. It is hands on. It is practical. And, its easy. Bottom line it works and everyone should benefit from this unique
    but powerful training.

    Don't pass up the chance to take advantage of this gift and great opportunity.”

    EVP, Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer at IGM Financial

  • Spandet and Partners

    “Well, you know I am a big fan as I tracked you down after all those years. And I have not been disappointed. Everyone you have trained, including me, has been so grateful. I have benefitted tremendously. 30 min per day.”

    Senior Vice President, Global Innovation CP Kelco

  • Spandet and Partners

    “Henrik listens to your needs, adapt and is flexible. The gains are real and will last. I have been able to get better organized, learn "easy-to-use and apply" technics, take over the control onto my day and agenda, become even more efficient, win time, find a better work-life balance and keep that peace of mind to clear up my mind when closing the day or going into the weekend.
    I strongly recommend!”

    Senior Product Manager CP Kelco

  • Spandet and Partners

    “Today was my first day committing fully to the check in and check out meeting, after having completed the weekly planning meeting on Friday last.
    The day was hectic with a lot of curveballs (personal and work related) but somehow during my check out meeting, I realized I had actually still managed to get everything done today that I’d intended to!”

    Associate Counsel at Huber Engineered Woods

  • Spandet and Partners

    “Yes, highly recommended - if you want control over your day, talk to Henrik!”

    Senior Director-Platform Strategy Pectin & Carrageenan at CP Kelco

  • Spandet and Partners

    “In the days immediately following the class I filed or deleted literally thousands of emails from my Inbox. To my surprise I've yet to have an instance where I deleted an email that I wish I had kept.
    I've maintained my Inbox to be empty, or nearly so, at the end of every day.
    The need to keep track of things in my head has been significantly reduced. As a result, I find myself feeling much more in control and better able to focus on the task at hand.
    I've moved from skeptic to believer. This is great stuff.”

    Commercial Director

  • Spandet and Partners

    “The key to the learning is to walk away and apply the tools - making the commitment to use them was facilitated by both my line manager and the follow-up nature of the training.
    As a result, instead of spending 3-4 hours on email each day I'm only looking at it twice, creating to-do's for times when I am most effective and I have become much better at focusing my energy on higher value-added activity while at work.
    Further, by combining the tools to manage my personal life I am much better organized away from work, allowing me to focus time and energy on those things that matter to me most.”

    OD & Talent Director

  • Spandet and Partners

    “The training provided me with the tools to be more organized, have a better overview, and be more engaged with my team.
    I am more efficient with my time, am in control, and have greater work life balance.
    My approach to work is planned with key actions that drive business results.
    I utilize one system with Lotus Notes to keep track of all my TO DO's, follow ups, and meeting agendas.
    Overall, I feel great knowing that I have no emails in my inbox and in control of my activities.”

    R&D Director

  • Spandet and Partners

    “As a group we discussed what was excepted of us at work and in our private lives. Then we touch on what keeps us from being productive, what challenges us day in and day out .
    It was very sobering to find it was me. I have put into action the principles learn from the seminar, I have added 45 minute a day to be more productive and focus on the important tasks and remove the extra noise from my day.”

    Account Director

  • Spandet and Partners

    “I go home and forget about work, and I sleep all night long. I no longer feel like I have to take care of every task I get every day because I have assigned different due dates and spread the work across the week/month/year. I no longer feel guilty for taking a break, or stopping to chat for a moment in the break room. I go to lunch and don't rush back – and I rarely eat at my desk any more. Since I've stopped allowing myself to be shanghaied by everyone else's task lists, I'm getting more done!”

    Sales Analyst

  • Spandet and Partners

    “Not only have I become organized, I’m less stressed. Before this course I would set aside 4 hours per period (often more) to organize my inbox.
    Now I’m making decisions in the moment with a structured routine that allows me the freedom to do what I do best.
    It’s amazing how heavy an electronic inbox can weigh on your potential. I feel lighter after working with Henrik.”

    Consumer analyst